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We have over 20 Breeding pairs (all proven) at Special VIP Members only prices - from £200.00 after VIP Discount.

Pairs Available

  • Red Turqs
  • Blue Turqs
  • Semi Royal Curipeaua
  • Super Red Curipeaua
  • Red & Whites
  • Red Melons
  • Super Red / Super Curipeaua

We also have Show Quality 7-8" Adults from £100 each after VIP Discount.

Also Available

  • 2.5" - 3.5" Super Red Curipea...
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05 Apr 2013 By Steve Punchard

Come and see me at BIDKA on 23rd and 24th March 2013 at The Dome in Doncaster. Bred in the UK from Wild Class BIDKA show winners, my Discus are among the best fish you will see!

British Discus Show

Since our website launched we've been busy preparing for the show and we've got some fantastic on the day special offers exclusively for VIP members!

Don’t miss out - huge d...

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13 Mar 2013 By Steve Punchard

After successfully growing the offspring from Super Red Curipeua X Turquoise it was time to start breeding the second generation.

Males take longer to mature than females, so I consider them more valuable, I usually pair young females with steady mature males and I reverse this with a young male and pair them to older females.

As the second generati...

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24 Jan 2013 By Steve Punchard

PART ONE: In their natural habitat Discus mostly live in acidic, tanned, murky water, with lots of rotting vegetation in a sandy riverbed. In this habitat the Discus find their food by using their senses.

Discus prefer to eat live prey - so mosquitos, larvae, shrimp and other worms and crustaceans. Where live prey isn’t available they’re also happy ...

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24 Jan 2013 By Steve Punchard

After eight long years away from the Discus scene it’s time to rebuild the Empire of Punchard Discus!

Back in the late 1990’s Punchard Discus was flying – demand was so high I had four other professional breeders breeding for me. I had created my brand name, invented the Discus Pro, perfected my beef heart mix and established myself as one of the UK...

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23 Jan 2013 By Steve Punchard