After eight long years away from the Discus scene it’s time to rebuild the Empire of Punchard Discus!

Back in the late 1990’s Punchard Discus was flying – demand was so high I had four other professional breeders breeding for me. I had created my brand name, invented the Discus Pro, perfected my beef heart mix and established myself as one of the UK’s most prolific suppliers of English breed discus fish.

About UsIn 2003 I fulfilled a dream of mine and purchased Aquascope – one of the North West’s largest Aquarium showrooms. To make the move easier and raise some additional cash I sold 90% of my beloved Discus stock – most of my breeding pairs and adults had to go. The intention was to re-establish Punchard Discus within Aquascope; however with the demands of a larger shop something had to give, and the decision was made to put Punchard Discus on the back burner for a few years.

It’s now 2012, I’ve taken Aquascope to where I want it and have some fantastic self-managing staff, giving me more time to focus on my passion for Discus (some say it’s an illness!). Over the last few years I’ve been studying the Discus scene. I wanted to know what was happening and what was new.

I quickly realised that there wasn’t anyone breeding and raising top quality Discus in the UK in any numbers. Don’t get me wrong, there are quality Discus out there – but at a price, and they are all the same strains – man made and not natural. This got me thinking and I decided that if I was to get back into the Discus scene I had to do something different….

About UsThen it came to me – Wilds! Yes Wilds. Before I bought Aquascope I had just started to breed Red Spotted and Peruvian Greens, I was crossing wild males with Red Flame females and the results were mind blowing!! The wilds back then from other suppliers were nice (and expensive) – but weren’t the sort of wilds you’d see in books and put on your Christmas list! Now, eight years after buying Aquascope, Wilds are even more expensive (I’m talking about the really nice stuff) but now I have access to some suppliers, and have a great relationship with my importer.

I wanted to start with reds; they’re always my first choice so I had a look around to see what I could find. After much searching I found some stunning Symphydson Aequifasiata Curipeua Super Red in Brazil. Now, I’d been suckered before but I had to believe these were special. Why? The price – they were six times the price of an ordinary wild Alanquer Red (brown).

About UsThe Super Reds arrived at the wholesalers in the evening, so I went down with my daughter Leanne to collect them. Leanne is a brilliant photographer and I wanted this moment to be documented – it was going to be history in the making! My brother David, who is the joiner at Aquascope, made me a fantastic unit to keep them in. A few days later they were in my lounge, where I watched them from my leather recliner.

One day they’re in the deep murky waters of the Amazon, and then weeks later they’re next to a flat screen TV, and they loved it!

So there you have it, we’re back! Now available to buy online our Discus Pro Sponge Filters, White Worm Culture and Beef Heart Mix!

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