After successfully growing the offspring from Super Red Curipeua X Turquoise it was time to start breeding the second generation.

Males take longer to mature than females, so I consider them more valuable, I usually pair young females with steady mature males and I reverse this with a young male and pair them to older females.

As the second generation started to show signs of breeding I took them off the growing on systems and put them in breeding tanks with older Discus, sometimes they pair straight away and sometimes they don't. I also put between 8-12 young adults in a 1.2m tank so they can pair off themselves. When Discus are paired or showing a lot of interest in each other they are then moved to a breeding tank.  

Curipeua X Curipeua

I have 20 breeding pairs (most have raised fry). I am constantly matching and pairing Discus off to maximize the monetary value and to give me plenty of pairs to work with - lots of pairs means lots of options for fostering of other fry!

I soon had my pairs, from Blue Diamond X Curipeua and Turquoise X Curipeua, along with already established breeding pairs, some of the same patterned and marked fish are paired together. The young Curipeua males were amazingly fertile, they didn't have their full colour neither were they fully mature, yet they were fertilising the eggs like mature males, even better they wanted to raise the fry single handed!

I decided to pair a young male Curipeua X Turquoise showing Curipeua colouration with great size and strength to the reddest Curipeua Super Red I had (I didn't want to back cross it with his mother, who is the Bidka 2011 show winner, and is probably the most solid red discus you will see). I also wanted to fix the black halo, which the fish has more of than any other Discus I've seen.

Crossing the Turquoise with the Super Red Curipeua was a stroke of genius (or good fortune) as it increased the strength of the black halo, also it edged the fins in bright red with a blue inlay, which is what really makes the Discus stand out from the other strains available.

One of the reasons I went back to wild was genetics, the other few reasons were to make these Discus unique to me, and to reproduce Discus that I liked. Over the years Discus breeders in Asia have bred all the black out of almost all strains, trying to breed cleaner brighter discus, even breeding the natural nine black bars and black halo out all together. Why? For money of course! I believe this was one thing that contributed and still contributes to weaker, and harder to breed Discus, thus helping them keep the market in their favour.

Even the Spotted and Turquoise all seem to lose the wild look, this is my opinion and mine only, that most Discus from the Far East are genetically weak - have a look to see what strains are being bred in the UK today and you'll be shocked to see very little - especially the Albino and Yellows, Red Spotted etc. I have raised Discus artificially in the past, but I decided to stick to my gut feeling and go back to nature.

Now, back to the breeding of Curipeua X Turquoise, I was breeding the amazingly red Curipeua female with the father of the young male. I decided to split them, I left the female on her own for a few days then introduced the young male, I can tell within seconds if its a match, and within 10-30 seconds I was sure they would breed. The young male was displaying to the female, and the female went straight to the spawning cone and started cleaning up.

Now all that was left was to get the water right and bingo, they bred and I filmed it! I have filmed most of my pairs raising fry, and I raise all my Discus either with their natural parents or foster them onto other breeding pairs of Discus, and no Discus are raised in an artificial way i.e. using egg yolk mix. The pair are a very successful pair and have raised four spawning's and have also fostered some Red Melon fry!

I now have over 20 breeding pairs with my main strains being Super Red Curipeua,

  • Red Turquoise
  • Royal Red Curipeua
  • Royal Red
  • Supreme Royal Red
  • Blue & Red Scribbles
  • Electric Red
  • Red Melon
  • Fine Line Red Turquoise
  • Blue Diamond
  • Blue Diamond X Curipeua
  • Turquoise X Curipeua
  • Heckle X Red Curipeua

The most amazing strain I’m working on is a Super Red Curipeua X Turquoise female X Heckle X Royal Blue male. I have filmed the pair with fry, and it was a spawning around 300 fry, all looking very strong, I’m hoping the 5th central black bar is passed on to the fry, along with the super black halo, I’m sure this is another world first!

So, there you have it, Steve's fantastic overview on breeding Curipeua X Curipeua! To see Steve's fish in the flesh why not visit us at Punchard Discus?