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Discus Pro Sponge Filters

Our Discus Pro Sponge Filters are a must for any Discus tank whether it's for breeding, a holding system, sales tanks or display tanks.

Why just have bubbles when you can have a back up of your main filtration? Our Discus Pro Sponge Filters fit nicely into aquarium corners allowing easy netting of fish and easy cleaning!

The new sized original discus pro sponge is back and now it is 20% bigger so more filtration from the proven sponge filter of Steven Punchard. These filters are so good they can last up to 15 years. Easy to fit, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

NB Our Discus Pro Sponges are Blue in colour, not green as shown in images.

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Product Name Price Qty
Discus Pro Breeder (up to 100ltr) - 20% Bigger
Discus Pro Breeder with Flow Bend (up to 100ltr) - 20% Bigger
Discus Pro Corner (up to 100ltr)
Discus Pro Corner with Flow Bend (up to 100ltr)
Discus Pro Jumbo (up to 200ltr)
Discus Pro Jumbo with Flow Bend (up to 200ltr)

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Product Information

The Original Discus Pro was developed by Steve Punchard in the 1990's to solve a big problem in Discus breeding. Fry were not attaching to their parents sides due to too much water movement, and too big a volume and depth of water. The fry were being blown around the aquarium, and were not able to settle and feed on the parents. So, to make sure the fry had the best possible chance of attaching to their parents sides the Discus Pro was invented.

The Discus Pro's unique way of attaching to the aquarium makes it the only sponge filter in the world that attaches this way. The strong suction cup pulls the sponge filter flat and tight to the glass ensuring the Discus Pro sponge draws water from all areas. This also prevents the fry from becoming trapped behind the sponge.

I have relaunched the best of my Discus Pro Sponge range by popular demand, some have been discontinued as only the most efficient Discus Pro Sponge filters are used. If more filtration needed then simply add the same size or misc (ie. 2 corner sponges or 2 or more of the same or larger size). The sponges now come in a blue colour.

Discus Pro Breeder with & without Flow Bend (up to 100ltr)

The original Discus Pro Breeder is the most popular of the Discus Pro range. Discus Pro Breeders can be used in fry tanks in as little as 125mm of water (works as a wet/dry filter), keeping the water well aerated and filtered, yet calm, saving the fry from using vital energy. Use one Discus Pro for every 45 litres. It's better to use two Discus Pro Breeders when filtering a breeding tank, as high quality purification is needed. Top tip: Run the Discus Pro sponge from a small single air pump.

Discus Pro Corner with & without Flow Bend (up tp 100ltr)

The Discus Pro Corner sponge filter is one of our best selling sponges. When fitted tightly into the corner of the aquarium, it's great to see the sponge sweeping from the side to the back of the aquarium, thus filling a corner which usually just collects food and detritus.

Discus Pro Jumbo with & without Flow Bend (up to 200ltr)

The Discus Pro Jumbo is bigger, taller and chunkier, which allows the sponge to hold billions more bacteria. It needs even less maintenance thus giving an even more stable environment. Discus Pro Jumbo has a massive surface area for bacteria to colonise and this allows new bacteria to colonise while old bacteria is dying off. Double piping, double clips and double airlines make this Discus Pro Jumbo sponge filter more than capable of purifying up to 200 litres of heavily stocked aquarium. The filters can be used in large grow on fry tanks, growing on systems and in display aquariums.Top tip: Use on systems for extra filtration, aeration and the upward lifting water movement that Discus like.

Discus Pro sponge filters can be placed anywhere in the aquarium depending on what's to be achieved. Usually in breeding aquariums Discus Pro sponge filters are placed two thirds from the bottom of the aquarium. This will allow syphoning of detritus and will not impact on filtration.

The Discus Pro works as a wet and dry filter, when the water level is lowered, this creates the calm duck pond effect and still filters the aquarium water, this allows the parents to control and gather the fry to them. The water level can be lowered to as low as 125mm but usually is not needed to be. Once the fry are settled and feeding on the parents it's a good idea to fill the aquarium back up to its original level, the fry should then stay with the parents.

All the Discus Pro sponge filters go a dark colour soon after being used, they are easily disguised by plants or wood, once Discus Pro sponge filters are installed there's no need to take them out and clean as the sponge will never clog up! If you're using Discus Pro sponge filters with the flow bend, then Discus Pro sponges can be left working untouched for several years.

All these filters can be seen working in the sales tanks at Punchard Discus.

Discus Pro Fitting Instructions:

1. Use one Discus Pro to approximately 45 litres of water and always over filter where you can. It's better to have two Discus Pro's ticking over than to have one running too fast. This is better for the fish and the filters work better.

For Grow-on tanks place the Discus Pro sponge filter along the back of the tank. It can be positioned from the base to 2" from water surface.

Position in the corners of the tank, if possible, an even distance apart to ensure even filtration of the water. This will lift water from the base of the tank up to the surface. The bubbles will gently break the surface of the water ensuring good gas exchange.

Discus Pro sponge filters will work perfectly in only 5" of water so they can be used in small fry tanks.

Low maintenance - you only need to take the Discus Pro out to change the air stone.

To keep your Discus Pro clean just press the syphon pipe on to the Discus Pro sponge and run the syphon pipe up and down the front sides. This will take particles on the outside and also pull dead bacteria from inside. NB Bacteria is constantly dying and replacing itself. Take great care of the filter bacteria, it's your best friend.

7. Never wash your Discus Pro in fresh tap water or R.O (Reverse Osmosis) water as it has a negative effect on the bacteria. If you need to wash it, gently squeeze the Discus Pro sponge in same mature tank water.

8. The Discus Pro sponge filter works as a wet & dry filter - when breeding, it is sometimes necessary to lower the water level i.e. when parents have fry.

9. When parents have fry, simply syphon the excrement from the base of the tank. Don't top up with fresh water - syphon water down until the surface of water is approximately 1" from the top of the sponge. This will allow the water to cascade down on to the sponge and seep through back in to the main body of water. This will create the 'still' duck pond effect for the fry when they become 'free swimming' and allow the fry to find the parents. After two days, raise the water to the normal level.

Maintenance of Discus Pro Sponge Filters without Flow Bend.

1. Switch off air supply.

2. Gently take pipe out of the sponge.

3. Take the sponge off the clip.

4. Put the sponge into a small bucket of aquarium water, gently squeeze and clean dead bacteria out.

5. Push the air stone out of the end of the pipe, cut the air stone off the airline, replace with the new air stone and pull the air stone into pipe.

6. Push pipe back into sponge filter and take clip from aquarium and clip it back around pipe, then simply refit back into aquarium and switch the air supply back on.

The air stone is the only thing that will need replacing about every 6 -12 months (6 months is recommended but not essential). Discus Pro Sponge Filters can be used side by side in any quantity, sometimes it's better to use two Discus Pro Corner Sponges with Flow Bend, than to use just one Jumbo Discus Pro Sponge Filter, as one sponge can be cleaned at alternate times to the other sponge filter. Discus Pro Sponge Filters can be used as your main filtration or as back up and aeration of the aquarium.

Top tip: When syphoning detritus and uneaten food from aquarium, gently run over surface of the Discus Pro and gently poke the sponge with the syphon pipe, the suction will remove dead bacteria and will enhance the Discus Pro's performance greatly. This will greatly reduce the need for removal of the Discus Pro from the aquarium. Also heaters and air pumps should be plugged into the same electrical socket, so that if the electric goes off the heater and air pump both stop working together. This will stop the heater from over heating the water with no air supply in. For example, if the heater is plugged into socket one and the air pump is plugged into socket two, and socket two fails, then the heater will heat the water with no filtration - the result, if not caught in time, is asphyxiated Discus.