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Punchard Discus Premium Beefheart Mix (225g per pack)

Punchard Discus premium Beef Heart Mix is full of the nutritional value your Discus fish need to thrive.
**** Minimum Order 4 packs ****

Beefheart Quality Checklist:

  • No added water.
  • No bulking out agents.
  • No binding agents (gelatine etc).
  • Pressure minced not liquidised.
  • Just pure ingredients densely packed goes a long way.
  • 1 packet can feed a breeding pair of Discus for a whole month.
  • Easy to digest - All fat, gristle & sinews removed.
  • Fed to all our Discus including our Champion Winning Fish.
  • Brings out natural colours.
  • Absolute minimum pollution.
  • Doesn't dissolve into tiny uneaten pieces.

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Product Name Price Qty
Juvenile Beefheart 225g (Discus under 5cm)
Adult Beefheart 225g (Discus over 5cm)

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Product Information

Punchard Discus premium Beef Heart Mix (225g per pack) is full of the nutritional value your Discus fish need to thrive. Unlike other Beef Heart recipes ours is made from all natural ingredients - it's not liquidised and we don't add any water, bulking out agents, or binding agents.

Beef Heart is packed with protein and nutritional value so it promotes Discus growth, whilst remaining low in fat. It's also low in sodium, high in protein, and high in iron and vitamin B! It really is one of the best foods you can feed your Discus. Also, because the mix is packed with pure ingredients no binding or bulking out agents the food goes a long way, for example: a 225g packet can feed a breeding pair of Discus for a whole month.

Our Beefheart Mix is carefully prepared under Steve's close supervision and the recipe is a closely guarded secret.

We skin & trim ALL fat, skin, sinews and gristle out of our Beef Heart Mix and then add our secret natural ingredients before mincing. All ingredients are pressurised into the Beefheart Mix.

    When making our Beef Heart Mix we follow our tried and tested step by step process:

  • Collect hearts (ideally killed the previous day) and chill overnight.
  • Skin & trim ALL fat, skin, sinews, gristle out of the heart.
  • Cut in to small pieces and place on a stainless steel tray.
  • Freeze overnight.
  • Semi defrost the Beef Heart and prepare the natural additives and other ingredients.
  • Pressurise all ingredients into the Beef Heart and run through a heavy duty mincing machine.
  • Roll out the Beef Heart Mix to expel all air.
  • Cut the Mix into cubes then freeze and pack.

The best Beef Heart Mix there is!