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We URGENTLY need to make more room for Discus!

VIP Deals for VIP Members

These breeding pairs are top quality with over 30 pairs to choose from at VIP discounted prices to help me move the discus room to our new location: Allied House, Burnley Road, Clayton-le-moors,  Lancashire, BB5 5TW.

Breeding pairs available are:

Red melon (very clean and pure)
Super red curipeua
Royal curipeua
Royal blue/red turk
Super red curipeua x red melon x royal curipeua
Heckle x royal blue x blue turk
Blue turks

Prices from £200 and discounts for cash/collection or free delivery available on all discus. Email Steve for more pictures and more info/prices etc.

Male Discus

I also have fantastic proven male discus from £75-£200.

Royal curipeua: amazing males that hit the spot everytime
Heckle x royal blue x turk

Email Steve for more pictures and more info/prices etc.

Super Red Curipeua & Pearled Super Red Curipeua

These are bred from the famous red female thats can be seen on YouTube and the reddest wild discus the UK has ever seen. I breed her with 3 different males.

Red melon (bad boy): 3rd place 2011 Bidka show
Stunning f1 super red curipeua back crossed
Original super turq (the daddy) can be seeon on our website

These discus are amazing so don't miss out.

These discus are for people who want top quality at a fair price. Email me for more personal info, blue scribbles and red scibbles too. These discus are 5-6in and are not coloured up yet but trust me they are the real deal.

Royal Red Curipeua & Pearled Super Red Curipeua

I have approximately 200 4-5in royal red curipeua, pearled super red curipeua, super red curipeua and a few blue turks.

Prices from £50 these discus just need growing on and everyone who has purchased these have all reported great growth rates. Don't miss out on any of these discus at your VIP discounted prices, Email me for pictures and deal prices.

We URGENTLY need to make more room for Discus!

  • Fantastic Deals for VIP Members
  • Big discounts and free delivery for VIP Members
  • Free Delivery
  • Discounts available for collection!
  • Collection includes free beef heart!
  • Pictures can be emailed to you before you buy
  • Prices starting from as little as £20.00

Showcasing a dazzling array of Discus, including spectacular Home Bred Wilds as well as some stunning New Strains, a visit to Punchard Discus is a must for any Discus enthusiast!

Stunning new Home Bred Discus

We have hundreds of Discus available to buy in store, showcased in 15 stunning display tanks as well as a spectacular 1200 litre working display, featuring 20 adult Discus.

Stunning new Home Bred Discus

We also have everything a Discus keeper needs to breed and care for their Discus; Discus Proincluding Steve's special Beef Heart Mix and unique White Worm Culture not to mention Steve's Discus Pro Filters. These low maintenance, easy to use Discus Pro Sponge filters are usable in almost any aquarium and we have a range of sizes available.

Breeding Room

Also in store is the amazing Discus Breeding Room, where you can see literally thousands of Discus in varying stages of the breeding process! It's a truly amazing site, with thousands of fry and Discus in different stages of development. Come and have a look at our many growing on systems and breeding tanks.

Discus can be purchased from our sales tanks anytime, however viewings of our growing on & breeding room are by appointment only, so please call us on 07518 654935 before you're planning to visit.

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